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UltimateTestLab was started to bring “State of the Art” assessments to you. Our mobile test lab can perform testing that most gyms, schools, clubs, and health facilities cannot support on their own.

We feel that objective assessments while trying to become healthier, faster, and/or leaner are a top priority. Contact us directly or have your gym, school, or health facility call us to schedule a “testing event” day! We’re here to help your health professionals help you succeed.
Three Assessment tools that are invaluable!

  1. Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing

    getting ready to submerge head and exhale!

    Getting hydrostatically weighed is the “gold standard” of body composition analysis. With this information a person can directly measure how effective their exercise routine is. A personal trainer, gym, athletic department, nutritionist can show “value” through exact measurements that show improvements. Health care professionals know that the bathroom scale and weight of a person are meaningless. Body composition defines health through measurement of fat body mass compared to lean body mass.No more guessing or inaccurate testing. With enough demand we can be scheduled to come out to your facility as many times as needed.
    Learn more about Hydrostatic Weight Testing

  2. VO2-Max/sub-max testing
    Another test that’s not readily available to most individuals is the VO2 Max and sub-max test that we offer. Whether an athlete or an individual looking to become leaner through cardio work we can test the volume of oxygen and thus calories burned during a full range of Heart Rate zones. Mapping out the volume of oxygen used is also the best way to determine cardio vascular fitness and what Heart Rates should be used to burn fat most effectively!

    One of the many coaches we work with getting VO2 tested

    Learn more about VO2MAX testing

  3. RMR “Resting Metabolic Rate”
    Resting Metabolic Rate is the measurement of how many calories are used at rest. Once a person’s daily calorie needs are determined “fat” loss or muscle gain can be performed in a more precise manner. No more guessing at how many calories need to be cut to lose “fat” or how many calories must be consumed to maintain or gain muscle.
    Learn more about Resting Metabolic Rage (RMR) testing

You can watch a video of the Hydrostatic process in  action on the television show “The Doctors“.

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